Your Payoneer Card

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It's important to make sure that you are managing your money securely when you're working in America.


Using a Payoneer Money card is an effective way of keeping your money safe and secure on your placement. It's a great way of carrying money without risking it getting lost or stolen. Opening a Payoneer account is quick and simple, making it easy to transfer Pounds Sterling into Dollars ready to use on your days off from work.


Avoid the stress of opening a US Bank Account.

A preloaded money card works similar to a normal debit card. With a secure chip & pin, you can pay using your card at anywhere that shows a mastercard logo. You can also request for your wages to be transfers directly onto your card leaving you no hassle cashing in a cheque and without opening a US Bank Account.


How to activate my Payoneer Card?

This short video explains the simple steps of activating your card. Following the link below to sign up.



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