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Who we recruit:

You'll have more hiring options than ever. It's simple, free, and secure.

With Resort Leaders, you'll have unbarred access to recruits from countries around the world. We'll do just about everything for you - all you have to do is reach out to the candidates you're interested in through our portal.

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Positions we recruit for:

We'll recruit staff for any position that you may need filled, including:

  • Culinary staff: Chefs, kitchen assistants, & dishwashers.
  • Serving staff: Dining room attendants, wait staff, & bartenders.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Staff: Housekeepers, groundskeepers, & laundry workers.
  • Guest Services: Front desk, retail, spa attendants, & sales staff.
  • Outdoor & Activity Staff: various activity instructors, & lifeguards.

Applicants to Resort Leaders programs must fulfil our requirements. They will be:

  • Legal, fully eligible participants in a U.S. Department of State approved cultural exchange program
  • 18 or older, and thoroughly screened for both medical and background issues
  • Available for your seasonal needs
  • A student, graduate, or professional in your required industry
  • At a minimum level of conversational English
  • Enthusiastic and motivated.

We pride ourselves on sending high-quality staff to high-quality resorts. Our recruits are known for having a positive attitude and excellent work ethic.

No cost to employers. Ever.
We provide employers with full-support, no-cost access to our pool of eligible candidates.

Who we recruit.

You'll be hiring candidates who are:

Students: These candidates will be active full-time students in higher education, and will need to pass a minimum standard for language and education.

Graduates: These candidates will have graduated from a hospitality and tourism-related program in the past 12 months.

Professionals: These candidates have at least 5 years of work experience in the hospitality industry.

Where we recruit.

Resort Leaders strives on working with each student directly, which is why we recruit only from countries where we have a physical location.

You will be hiring international workers from: the United Kingdom; Ireland; Hungary; Poland; Slovakia; the Czech Republic; Germany; Mexico; Chile; Australia and New Zealand.

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