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Resort work in America

Amazing hospitality placements in America's most prestigious luxury resorts, tailored for students during your University Summer break or after graduation

A placement that's out of the ordinary

Open your eyes to the incredible benefits of working at a prestigious American resort. Build up your personal work experience in areas such as Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Personal Training or Spa and Wellbeing.
Working at a resort offers you a huge amount of variety when it comes to job roles. See what you could be doing.
Meet the Resorts
Take a look at some of the American Resorts that we proudly work with.
Winter Work
Amazing Snow Season work for uni students in a prestigious resort in America. Tailored for your uni summer break!
12-Month Resort Program
Head to the USA for either the Summer or the Winter season. You get a 12-month visa sponsorship, insurance and a 4 month pre-arranged Resort placement!
Independent Program
We provide the 12 month sponsorship, you make the most of it!
Camp Leaders
Interested in Summer in America as a Camp Counselor?

Why Resort Leaders?

We are a passionate team who understand the importance of travel. We work hard to support all of our participants in finding the perfect resort placement.

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Tailored Resort Work from $499 AUD
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