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Welcome to summer.

Gain work experience.

The Summer Work & Travel program in America is a great way to gain valuable experience in the hospitality industry.

You'll spend 12 weeks working at an American resort, developing new skills and advancing your career. The resorts are typically private and secluded - you'll be in a relaxing environment away from the city noise.

Various positions are available at our many renowned and prestigious resorts. All positions are paid according to American hourly wages, and you'll work at least 32 hours per week on average. You may also be able to work overtime hours.

100% placement guarantee.

You're serious about working in America. We're serious about getting you there.

We're 100% confident that we'll place every single one of our applicants. If you complete your application with us, and for some reason you don't get placed, we've got you covered. We'll refund the entire program fee, and also refund your visa fee (paid to the US Embassy).

Pure American summer.

Our resort partners love to hire international staff. You'll be a valuable part of the team - and learn some valuable skills.

You'll develop your English vocabulary, make connections with people from all over the world, and be able to use your experience as professional practice afterward.

Welcome to the club.