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Intern & Trainee Positions

There's a role for everyone.

Customer service:

You'll be speaking face-to-face with customers, so customer service jobs abroad are usually for people with good English skills. You'll be able to develop your skills even more by having direct conversations with native English speakers.

Behind the scenes:

If you'd rather develop your English skills at your own pace, these roles are for you. Rather than speaking to customers, you'll practice your English with co-workers.

Fill in the skills section of your application so we can help you find your perfect job.


Resort Leaders is the only resort brand that guarantees a minimum salary. Last season, most of our participants earned over $ 3,000 after deducting the cost of accommodation and taxes.

Our work and travel programs are about cultural exchange, not earning money - but who says you can't do both? We do our best to make sure you get a wealth of experience, and are able to travel afterward.

Front Desk

If you're working in this area, you'll be an important part of the reception staff of the resort. In addition to gaining hands-on experience in the day-to-day responsibilities of the staff, your communication and problem solving skills will climb to new heights.

Food and Beverage

You'll be a part of the service staff in the restaurant and bar. This is a great chance to practice your English and customer service skills, as well as gaining professional practice.


Here you'll get to sharpen your skills and contribute to a spectacular dining experience for the guest at the resort. You'll learn all the little tricks that can make an ordinary dish into something special, and improve your knowledge in this profession.

Guest Relations

Be the face of the Resort. These job opportunities are customer-service facing, and require particularly good communication and English language skills.

These roles include: reception and lobby staff, cleaning staff, laundry workers, room attendants, spa & pool attendants, and outdoor maintenance staff such as gardeners and lawncare workers.

Welcome to the club.