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Returning to America as an Intern or Trainee

Pay less, earn more.

Each summer you return to America brings new opportunities and new challenges. We're excited to have you back - here's what you can expect.

  • You'll get a discounted program fee, and you'll be able to negotiate your salary with your employer.

  • Use what you learned in Year 1 to further engage with American culture and the English language.

  • You'll continue building a career, with strong references from Resort Leaders and your employer.

Discounted program fee

If you've been to America with us before, we'll help make it easy to go back. You'll get the same exceptional customer service, and a discounted program fee when you return to the same resort.

Flexible pricing options:
  • A) For a full payment: $1895 USD

Pay $1895 before departure, in 2 installments: $150 within 30 days of invoice issuance, & $ 1745 until at a specified date

  • B) Deferred Payment: $2045 USD

Pay $495 before departure, in 2 installments: $150 within 30 days of invoice issuance, $345 at a specified date, and $1550 paid in America (two installments during the summer.)

USD Starting rate, based on skills and experience.
Earnings by US hourly rates. This information is not complete, and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of commercial law. You can find more information in our free information leaflet.

Additional costs

Just like last time, here are the additional 3rd-party fees you'll need to cover participation fee is included in every case:

  • Return flight to the US.
  • Your DS form or SEVIS certificate.
  • Insurance for 90 days.

How to apply

If you're a returning participant, you've already got a profile created. Here's how to get your application started:

  • Sign in to the site and activate your profile.
  • Tell us about the position you want to return to, and the day of your expected arrival and departure.
  • Upgrade your profile and upload the necessary documents.

Returning FAQ's:

Can I negotiate my salary?

You already know your employer, so you'll be able to negotiate your salary with them. Alternatively, you can apply for a new position if you want to try something new.

Can I switch my position or my resort?

As a returning participant, you can switch your job role, but you'll be a first-timer if you go to a new resort.

I'm not a student, can I still go?

Unfortunately, the main condition of participation in the Summer Work and Travel program is an active student status.

If you're in evening and extramural studies, you may be considered as an active student. You must have completed the winter semester. If you no longer have student status, and still want to continue your adventure with a cultural exchange program, we recommend a Resort Leaders Intern or Trainee program, or the Camp Leaders summer camp program.

Get in touch.

If you have any questions about returning on the program, don't hesitate to contact us.

You can reach us by phone: +44 151 709 1192

By email: resortleaders@smallerearth.com

Or come in to our office: Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AE

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Show us your summer.

Send us your photos and videos.

You've made amazing memories during your summer abroad - let's show them to the world.

Send your favourite videos and photos from your adventure with us at:


Other opportunities:

We're part of Smaller Earth.

We're part of the Smaller Earth Group, which means we've got many different opportunities around the world.

If you can't seem to find the right program for you, or want to learn more, feel free to give us a call or come in to our office.

Summer Work & Travel in America

Want to get away for the summer? Join the Summer Work and Travel program with Resort Leaders. You'll gain valuable experience, and have up to 30 days to explore after completing your contract.

Brief description

  • Be minimum 18 years old with active student status
  • Pricing options starting at $500 USD
  • Program length: from 8-16 weeks

Intern in the Caribbean

If your future career is associated with the hotel industry, then this program is for you. In half a year, you will gain valuable experience in the best hotels in Bahamas, Barbados or Jamaica.

  • Be a student or a graduate of a relevant field
  • Pricing options starting at $600 USD
  • Program length: from 6 to 12 months

Camp Leaders

Camp Leaders is a summer cultural exchange program in the USA. You'll work at a summer camp in America for a minimum of two months.

  • Be at least 18 years old by 1 June
  • Pricing from $395 USD
  • Program length: from 8-12 weeks
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