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Our stunning collection of resorts have a variety of jobs in hospitality available for your Resort Leaders placement.

There are a number of different hospitality and culinary roles available for you to choose from. These job roles can vary at each resort depending on the facilities and the resort requirements, but all will offer exciting opportunities, invaluable work experience and a chance to travel.


Explore new areas of work

An amazing advantage of the Resort Leaders program is that you can work in more than one department during your hospitality placement. Most of our incredible resorts will present you with opportunities to gain experience in a variety of different job roles within the hospitality and culinary arts sectors. The placements and internships are designed to be moulded around your skillset and requirements, so if there is a specific area of hospitality which you'd love to gain experience in - ask your resort!


Here's an overview of some of the hospitality and culinary arts job roles available with a Resort Leaders placement

All of our luxury resorts have multiple bars. Bar tenders have an incredibly sociable job - which is excellent for when you're working and living in a foreign country! Being a bartender presents an excellent opportunity for tips, as well as perfecting your pint-pouring and cocktail making skills. Learning to perfect your skills as a bartender within the prestigious American hospitality industry will be fantastic for your future career.
Most of our stunning resorts offer a fine dining experience, as well as having a variety of other restaurants, which means being a busser is never a boring or monotonous task! You'll have the opportunity to work under some incredibly highly-esteemed chefs, perfect your customer service skills and secure a wealth of experience that will look extremely desirable to future employers on your CV. A busser is the perfect role for meeting new people and gaining those tips!
Office and Reception
Working in the office or on reception is a more administrative-based role, requiring you to utilise a variety of important skills as well as perfecting your customer services technique. Working on reception and in the office you are the face of the resort, acting as a main point of contact for any customers giving you the perfect opportunity to make a good impression.
Waiter / Waitress
A waiter or waitress is a classic role within the hospitality industry that combines skill, personality and most importantly - fun. The opportunity to wait on customers at a prestigious resort in America will test your customer service acumen, develop your hospitality skills no end and provide plenty of opportunities for you to earn tips and network.
Pool Server
You'll be responsible for serving customers drinks and food as they enjoy their relaxation period around the pool. Not only does this present you with the opportunity to network and develop invaluable skills in a range of areas essential for a career in hospitality, you get to work outside in the sunshine and perfect your tan at the very same time!
Another exceptional sunshine role which is available at several of our stunning luxury resorts in the USA. Spend your days by the pool, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of any guests and enjoying the sun whilst you can - a fantastic way to put your lifeguarding qualification to good use - or perhaps to gain one if you're not already qualified?
Golf Attendants
Being a golf attendant at a luxury resort is a one of a kind, pinch-me job - can you really gain work experience and earn money by serving drinks and food on the golf course? With a Resort Leaders placement, you absolutely can! Not only this, but you'll have an exceptional opportunity to network, prove your work ethic and gain those tips that will take your summer from exceptional to simply perfect. What a fantastic way to build your CV!
Spa Assistant
Arguably one of the most rewarding jobs within the hospitality industry - as a spa assistant it is your job to ensure the total relaxation and happiness of any resort guests who book in for spa treatments. Combining professionalism, skill and technique to ensure your guests are at their most optimum levels of comfort, a spa assistant role is not only incredibly rewarding, but can be a fantastic advantage for your CV and future career path.
Fitness & Gym
Where better to enhance your gym or personal training experience than at a resort in America, whilst getting paid for the privilege? There are several fitness and gym job opportunities within many of our stunning resorts through a Resort Leaders hospitality placement or internship, offering you the chance to help guests of the resort improve their fitness and wellbeing and feel fantastic about themselves at the very same time - what could be more rewarding than that?



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